Haters Gonna Hate

I know you probably think this is going to go completely sideways. The venting of someone who want’s to blame everyone for their personal failures. a person who spends more time pointing fingers than getting it done…

Surprise! I love my haters! Haters are my personal litmus test to let me know if I am indeed on track and actually doing something worthy! Trust me… People do not get hateful or shady if you are doing nothing! Haters need to bring YOU down a peg or get in the way to make themselves feel better about themselves.

As Grant Cardone would say “If you don’t have haters you’re not doing crap”! Yes! There will always be those who will support you in any and all of your endeavours but are they truly the ones who are going to psychologically push you to the next level? A hater will get you off your ass, and push you to go further if only so you can shut them up!

I truly believe that haters actually serve a purpose for those who are of the strong mindset. They keep us on our toes, they make us constantly seek out the next level and they make us ignore the comfort zone that is the downfall of many entrepreneurs and creatives. For those of the weaker mindset? They will always make you stop doing whatever it is that you are doing with a sort of sick joy.

Embrace your haters! They actually serve the purpose of making you bigger, better, faster and stronger! The strange thing is that this was the first episode of the original “Real Talk Show” back in 2012 (don’t laugh it was my first time at this) and there are really a whole lot of golden nuggets spoken by the guests. Believe it or not there was and has always been hate surrounding the Real Talk Project but Real Talk is not going anyplace in fact it has gotten better in my honest opinion and we are excited for the future of the brand!

So please continue to ‘hate’ but bypass us with the BS when it grows and expands beyond even our wildest dreams! Just stay true to yourself and continue to bring that hateful energy because sometimes that is the only fuel that will get us to the next level ;P

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