Finally done!

Have to admit it took a second longer than expected… But the important thing is that we indeed did get it done! Real Talk 2.0 is growing! And at times it feels like we cannot keep up! But it is very important that we do.

The motivation and Inspiration that we share on FB live via Real Talk 2.0 Live is definitely attracting a following of like minded individuals who understand and support the concept of what the “No Shade Committee” is all about!

We appreciate our growing audience that tunes into our radio broadcast “Real Talk 2.0” every Tuesday @7Pm Eastern on Eaj 1023 Radio and we look forward to reaching even more listeners on our new Patreon channel as well as our upcoming sit down talk show(super Excited)!

The end game? We always want to use the vehicle that is ‘Real Talk 2.0’ to entertain, enlighten and bring inspiration and motivation to all who follow us and follow what we are doing!

I don’t really need to say it because you already know… Love you guys!

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