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Taking over The Universe

Yesterday had to be one of the busiest days ever for this guy! Honestly though it was one of the most rewarding days ever!

In a nutshell I had promised Latif about 2 weeks back I would help her make a series of workout videos for her channel on YouTube between the insane heat and the workload that seemed to be piled on my shoulders for the last month with Real Talk 2.0 and R.E.D. Photography I kinda put it on the back burner (don’t judge me)…

Yesterday I guess the universe was pondering why I could not make the time for my partner in crime, best friend and soulmate (people always make time for the things that are important and for everything else they make excuses)!

So yesterday I got out of bed and stubbed my toe on a tripod (one of the heavy ones), almost knocked a camera off of a shelf and found one of the batteries in my underwear draw! The universe was definitely giving me subtle hints…

I did my morning routine and told Latif “hey baby! Let’s get this done”! We headed out to a pre-scouted location and that’s when the fun began!

We had a blast working together on this project and we were both so excited to the point that we sat for a while and mapped out a schedule for future installments of her workout videos.

I definitely am happy that the Universe pushed me by subtle (and a painful) hints to get this done and the lesson learned was that Latif and myself really do have the capability to take over the universe as long as we work together to make all of our goals a reality and continue to honor what we have as far as our relationship.

Truly believe that the secret to any relationship is to share each others unique talents to further the combined goals and get the relationship to the next level… and of course put in the bid to take over the universe like a power couple.

As The Grind Continues

Inside Out Beauty Workout

The weekend is finally over! Some of us worked towards our goals… And some of us thought about what we could have done if this darn pandemic was not in the way!

I wanted to recognize 2 people who for some strange reason are always doing something to get to the next level, instead of always selfishly talking about what ‘I am doing’ on MY blog (sarcastic humor right there).

First off I wanted to talk about my best friend, my partner in crime, my soulmate, the mother of my children and my cohort in our bid to take over the universe Latif!

Not only is she working with our daughters to create an all natural make-up line, she also does a video blog on you tube! But she has now decided to do a workout series to not only chronicle her journey but to assist other woman in getting more healthy and to do the thing that 75% of woman struggle with… Losing weight! A prime example of putting ones self out there to assist others. Make sure you check out her channel here!

Then you have my long time friend and DJ partner from back in the day. DJ GMF of Project Sounds! What can I say about this brother besides he is what grinding is all about!

Since GMF and myself have linked back up from being out of touch for a few years he has somehow re-ignited that energy all Native New Yorkers have, ‘grind until you are exhausted… And then grind some more! What can I say about this brother! He has a clothing line! Top NYC DJ! and has a Radio Show every Friday on EAJ radio!?! (Check it out here every Friday night at 8PM Eastern Time)

These two people have helped me in re-examining my goals and by default have helped me push forward in realizing my potential.

When you have people in your life like these two? You have no choice but to move to the next level. Keep people like this close to you at all costs and you might spend your weekends getting your grind on instead of being focused on hanging out and partying or re-living the memories of ‘turning up’ pre-pandemic!

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