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As The World Burns

2020 has been one heck of a ride! In fact? If 2020 was an amusement park ride? I would definitely want my money back!

First off we have a genetically engineered virus that is killing people left and right across the globe with these guaranteed future effects… And yes! you can quote me on these predictions!

1- The mark of the beast or the microchip initiative.

Anyone notice that children were disappearing just before this whole Covid 19 thingy kicked off? (I guess the government had to park all of those white windowless vans and use them for mobile covid testing), children being kidnapped or harmed has historically been the way for the government to instill fear into the populace and push the agenda for having every citizen sign off on having a microchip implanted! The cell phone has served the needs of the government for tracking and seeing exactly where everyone is at… But a microchip that is implanted would give the government literally the power of life and death over every citizen!

2- The One World Bank.

So now we can basically only pay for things we purchase with a credit card or exact funds (the credit card is a form of tracking and information gathering)! So some selfish bastard is sitting someplace hoarding all of the money and change? Businesses that are still open are not making deposits anymore? Cash is now worthless? This is how the government will not only create a banking system that those in power will have control of down to the level of the individual! Control! Seems to be working out in Europe with the euro… Now Let’s combine a banking system that is global and your worth is now combined with that chip implant. You know how you pay with Apple Pay and Samsung Pay? Imagine the perceived convenience of walking into a store making a purchase and just walking out the store because your purchase will be deducted as you pass through the doors from that nifty microchip the government implanted! By the way you do know that stores have already begun marking products with micro RFID chips? Hmmm… wonder what they are preparing for?

Finally The One world Order…

This is what it all leads to… The wars, the terrorists attacks, the pandemics, the crashing of the economy, keeping the populace indoors doing nothing but watching the news (brainwashing and mood therapy), the fight of a people to to make the world realize that their lives matter as well, a sickness that has basically become the HIV and Ebola of the new millennium (did i say genetically engineered earlier?) and the populace of the world becoming even more fearful… We have by our own fears basically invited the government to come in and (act like they can) save the day! If you believe in conspiracy theories and know about the Georgia Stone you know that the population should be dropped to a more manageable number before the New World Order can be implemented… The last few years have been filled with wars, famine and sickness, kind of convenient don’t you think?

Everything else that is going on? Is just to take your attention away from the real agenda! Life in 2020 is really playing out like a Hollywood movie and while talking about fiction mirroring reality? here are a few movies to watch instead of making the news the only thing you put in your brain

Three The hard way


The Manchurian Candidate

Jacobs Ladder

We as a people have been invited to the greatest magic show ever! While we are looking all over the stage at all of these distractions the magicians are going to make us give them a standing ovation for tricking us into thinking we are happy!

Stay woke!

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