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The Energy Vampires

Energy vampires are people who — sometimes intentionally — drain your emotional energy. They feed on your willingness to listen and care for them, leaving you exhausted and overwhelmed. Energy vampires can be anywhere and anyone’.

Just when you thought you had enough to deal with… Then here comes these MFs

Energy Vampire is kind of a dramatic way to describe the narcissist and passive aggressive people in our lives. In case you did not know? These are the people who will frustrate you to the point where depending on the relationship? You will find yourself really contemplating jumping off of a (very tall) building.

Their constant need for attention, there inability to make a decision for fear that they cannot blame you if there decision turns out wrong, their need to start discussions (and sometimes arguments that have no relevance but to take you off focus (I wrote about Focus yesterday here), and of course the need to pull you into whatever drama they can think of (or create)!

Ever announce something that you are working on that is important to you? And out of the blue you get a phone call or a visit from one of these Energy Vampires? Trust me! They are not there to celebrate or discuss how they can help or anything positive whatsoever! They are reaching out to you to figure out how to take away your focus with something so irrelevant and far away from what you are doing that they sound insane as the words come out of their mouths. They do this only for the purpose of weakening your resolve and dedication to whatever you are working on or what is important to YOU! Energy Vampires are well aware of the equation that you cannot keep a negative and a positive thought in the same place at the same time (some sort of mental quantum physics). Don’t believe me? Watch when they have succeeded in ‘putting you on tilt’ (taking your focus from the positive thought) I can guarantee you will see a little curled up smile on their face…

However, just like the bloodsucking Vampires of legend and lore. There is a way to destroy these creatures who only serve the purpose of making themselves feel better by destroying everything in your life and making sure they suck all of the energy from you to keep you from reaching your goals… And even though you may be contemplating it… Stabbing them with a stake through the heart is not at all acceptable!

1- Remove them from your circumference! Energy Vampires need to be able to see that they are sucking the life from you or that they have sidetracked you from your goals.

2- Do not allow yourself to be drawn into to irrelevant or negative discussions with them! A sure sign that you are dealing with an Energy Vampire is that they will fight tooth and claw to make sure that whatever they are talking about (even though you have said you do not want to discuss said subject) is discussed! Using passive aggressive techniques to try and make you feel bad for not allowing them to feed on your psyche! Examples like “You never listen to me”, “this is very important to me”, “You think everything is about you”…. These are warning signs that you are about to be drained of any and all positive energy you are trying to hold onto!

3- They will create a fire drill (drama situation)! Something that will guarantee your involvement so that you will have to give over your full attention so that you definitely will be unable to focus on and once again they can feed off of your positive energy! Solve the issue too soon? They will just find more ways to stoke the flames of the situation (or even create a new situation) until their appetite has been satisfied! Make sure you do not get involved with their shenanigans!

4- They will try to get in the way by passively blocking your progress with any and all of the above mentioned techniques! They are masters of getting in the way! However knowing the plan is a sure way to avoid the trap and holding on to your positive aura. Trust me, once they figure out that they cannot stop your progress or drain you of your energy The Energy Vampire will always move on to another victim!

… Because just like the creatures from myth they must satisfy their ravenous thirst by any and all means!

Stay safe and keep creating!

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