New Jersey

Switching It Up

Here we are at another entry to Real Talk 2.0!

I wanted to try something different with how we get news and information about what we are doing here with monday Edition and Straight Outta Jersey! Feel free to contact us and let us know should we continue with this format or not.

Prime Time

Coming Soon!

This guy is not new to creating content for Amazon Prime, it was the first home to ‘The Church of Real Talk’!

And the potential reach of Amazon Prime is insane!

There are however some major differences between the two…

1- Church of Real Talk just had me Speaking on Camera where there will be not only Latif and myself but a guest speaker for Real Talk… Basically meaning I have to get my multiple camera angle game correct.

2- Only quality guests? This is a no brainer! We can’t just have anyone on the show! We need people that will bring the correct energy to the table! So we have begun the process of interviewing people for consideration! A little extra work however well worth it to ensure the quality of the show. Church of Real Talk? It was just me and I guess I pre-vetted myself!

3- Mapping out and creating a complete season? Work, work and more work! Church of Real Talk was a standalone series and I could basically add new episodes when I felt like it… Not really a good way to keep a project alive! kind of like feeding a baby only when it is convenient for you! The belief system should always be forward or future mindset.

Now I already know someone is looking at this post and taking notes thinking they now have the blueprint to doing what we do. Honestly? I am happy if this helps someone get to the next level! I still look at life like the bread aisle in the supermarket… There are quality brands of bread and there are brands that will turn moldy in a day or two, but the selection is out there and people will always buy and support the brand that works for them and whatever budget they are dealing with.

So since we are in the process of creating assets for the show and getting our guest line-up for season one of Real Talk 2.0 Straight Out of jersey ready we would like to extend an invite to our fun, outspoken, outgoing, New Jersey based and knowledgeable visitors to contact us here for consideration to be a guest on Real Talk 2.0 Straight Out of Jersey!

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