The Resurrection

Revolution Magazine

…”Best Laid Plans”
Just before the covid 19 craziness we had a lot of projects that we were discussing getting started and some projects we actually did get started and some projects we decided would have to definitely wait.

One of those projects that is next up for completion would be ‘(R)evolution Magazine’!!

Now in being completely transparent, I am not new at all to the digital magazine game! We had a pretty good run with Ghetto Logic Magazine Back in 2014 until the day job got in the way (well, not completely true since I took the promotions knowing I would have less free time)

But (R)evolution Magazine is a whole different beast! It is all about emerging new talent, it is about models, fashion and photography it is image driven and the end goal is to make it a completely free digital Magazine.

Now since we have to get the first season of ‘Real Talk 2.0 Jersey Edition’ ready for Prime Video this fall we are shooting for a 2021 new year launch.We probably will need a whole lot of support to make this just as we envision it but we see no problem with getting it done and on time.

If however you would like to be part of the (R0evolution Magazine Family and have a skill set that you are willing to bring to the table? Contact us here ASAP We would love to hear from you!

Very excited about this resurrection!

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