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The Same 24 Hours

Waking up everyday exhausted… Going to bed every night exhausted!

This is the life of an entrepreneur.

Now do not get me wrong, I am not complaining! But I would be faking it if I did not admit that the thoughts of how to make this easier does not go through my mind!

Just a thought though, because the reality is that we all have the same 24 hours in the day! That includes Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and regrettably Donald Trump (who honestly should only be allotted no more than 2 hours a day to keep the damage level to the world at a bare minimum)!

It all depends on how you use those 24 hours… All the great speakers like Les Brown, Gary V and Eric Thomas will highlight the fact that you have to use as many hours as possible in that 24 hours to make progress on your dreams and goals! Nothing comes easy! There will always be hard work involved that will often lead to exhaustion (please see how I started this post).

When speaking to people about Real Talk 2.0 Jersey Edition I am amazed at just how many people are grinding towards there goal… Non stop! Then I look at people in my circle who are always looking forward to ‘down time’ and ‘relaxation time’ and let’s go have some ‘fun time’… The latter group are always the ones whining about how things are not working out for them while the grinders are always wishing they had more hours in the day to work on their goals.

This is and always will be the difference between the dreamers and the doers! The well rested and the ones who are actually accomplishing something!

This begs the question… Are you utilizing your 24 hours allotted to you every day to do something great or planning out your 24 hours to get as many fun breaks as possible?

In the end? It will always be the same 24 hours for everyone! How you use those 24 hours will reflect on how your goals are turning out So I suggest you use it wisely!

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