Stay Focused…

The world as we know it is full of distractions! With the present state of the world? Distractions are at an all time high!

So how do you stay focused? How do you proceed with making your dreams into reality?

You tune out the background noise! You practice the art of ignoring every thing, situation or person that does not fit into the process of getting your goals to the next level! You begin the process of telling your mind that the only thing that matters is seeing what you are working on to completion!

It’s definitely a process and I must admit that it is something that you must work on from moment to moment (I know I do).

You must decide right at this moment what is important to ‘you’!

It is important that I tell you that the process might seem painful at first. The trade off to becoming focused is that you will meet backlash from those around you that do not understand your ‘drive’.

You will lose friends…

People will tell you that you have changed…

People will say you have an attitude…

People will say you are moody…

I used to have a saying years ago when the creative side of me was screaming to get out “There are tourists and there are tour guides, I am tired of being a tourist”! This is how I began to look at the world as a creative and many of the people around me did not understand (and to this day there are still people who do not understand the concept)!

You really must decide what is more important to you! Other people really do not fit into ‘YOUR’ ambitions and dreams and goals. many people will not understand why you are giving up free time and party time to work on your inner passion to create and build something that only ‘YOU’ can create!

This is the sacrifice we make to be extraordinary! This is the sacrifice we make to create something amazing! this is the sacrifice we make to become a part of history, this is the sacrifice we make to have our name spoken across the world!

This is the reason why we must stay focused!

Is It Monday Already?

Last week for all intents and purposes was just a blur! Getting to the point where days would just roll into one another! The only thing standing out was “what do I need to work on today”! And then by noon I am asking Latif “What day of the week is it”?

Starting to realize that the name we assign to the day of the week is not as important as what we got done on that day!

The hustle for us is a 7 days a week/24 hours a day/365 days a year time investment! No real breaks, just moving forward to our goals until our brains begin to lock up and we have no choice but to get some rest. Just so we can re-charge our mental batteries! is it painful to live out life that way? At times it is. Is it frustrating to live this type of existence? Ummm yeah! Nothing like watching everyone you know posting about all the fun and relaxation they are having and we are trying to remember… Did you edit that video? Did you do updates to the site? Did you edit those pictures…

We do have a few markers so that we do not completely get lost…

Of course there is Real Talk 2.0 Monday Edition

Latif has her Sunday Update on inoj Beautiful.

We both have posts to put up every morning Monday – Friday on our blogs

Exercise Videos on Monday and Friday for Inoj

And then we have to figure out how to squeeze everything else into the week.

Is this a good way to live life? Probably not. Will it get us to where we want to be? More than likely yes! We are slowly finding out (some would say late in the game) that the speed that you reach your goals is intricately tied to the amount of grind you put into those goals

Sometimes all that fun and excitement (and overrated rest) will maybe help you in figuring out which day of the week it is and you might be able to walk away whenever you want to to go hang out and party…

But how is that helping you reach your goals?

The Same 24 Hours

Waking up everyday exhausted… Going to bed every night exhausted!

This is the life of an entrepreneur.

Now do not get me wrong, I am not complaining! But I would be faking it if I did not admit that the thoughts of how to make this easier does not go through my mind!

Just a thought though, because the reality is that we all have the same 24 hours in the day! That includes Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and regrettably Donald Trump (who honestly should only be allotted no more than 2 hours a day to keep the damage level to the world at a bare minimum)!

It all depends on how you use those 24 hours… All the great speakers like Les Brown, Gary V and Eric Thomas will highlight the fact that you have to use as many hours as possible in that 24 hours to make progress on your dreams and goals! Nothing comes easy! There will always be hard work involved that will often lead to exhaustion (please see how I started this post).

When speaking to people about Real Talk 2.0 Jersey Edition I am amazed at just how many people are grinding towards there goal… Non stop! Then I look at people in my circle who are always looking forward to ‘down time’ and ‘relaxation time’ and let’s go have some ‘fun time’… The latter group are always the ones whining about how things are not working out for them while the grinders are always wishing they had more hours in the day to work on their goals.

This is and always will be the difference between the dreamers and the doers! The well rested and the ones who are actually accomplishing something!

This begs the question… Are you utilizing your 24 hours allotted to you every day to do something great or planning out your 24 hours to get as many fun breaks as possible?

In the end? It will always be the same 24 hours for everyone! How you use those 24 hours will reflect on how your goals are turning out So I suggest you use it wisely!

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