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In Todays Update We Discuss Getting To That Destination and Why June 1st… You Should Save The Date!

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Stay Focused…

The world as we know it is full of distractions! With the present state of the world? Distractions are at an all time high!

So how do you stay focused? How do you proceed with making your dreams into reality?

You tune out the background noise! You practice the art of ignoring every thing, situation or person that does not fit into the process of getting your goals to the next level! You begin the process of telling your mind that the only thing that matters is seeing what you are working on to completion!

It’s definitely a process and I must admit that it is something that you must work on from moment to moment (I know I do).

You must decide right at this moment what is important to ‘you’!

It is important that I tell you that the process might seem painful at first. The trade off to becoming focused is that you will meet backlash from those around you that do not understand your ‘drive’.

You will lose friends…

People will tell you that you have changed…

People will say you have an attitude…

People will say you are moody…

I used to have a saying years ago when the creative side of me was screaming to get out “There are tourists and there are tour guides, I am tired of being a tourist”! This is how I began to look at the world as a creative and many of the people around me did not understand (and to this day there are still people who do not understand the concept)!

You really must decide what is more important to you! Other people really do not fit into ‘YOUR’ ambitions and dreams and goals. many people will not understand why you are giving up free time and party time to work on your inner passion to create and build something that only ‘YOU’ can create!

This is the sacrifice we make to be extraordinary! This is the sacrifice we make to create something amazing! this is the sacrifice we make to become a part of history, this is the sacrifice we make to have our name spoken across the world!

This is the reason why we must stay focused!

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