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The New year is here! We leave 2020 behind us, so we can start new, start over! Ready to get working on those resolutions right?What if we strongly suggested NO to “New Year Resolutions!” That’s right! No resolutions! We make resolutions every year! How likely is it that we keep them all? We start and stop and become consumed with guilt because we let ourselves down!This year and for the remainder of our lives let’s think different! Let’s just start executing!

Join inspirational and motivational speaker’s Lewis”Red” Robinson and Latif Whitaker for this private live event speaking about how to “Stop With The Freaking Excuses” when it come to accomplishing your goals. This event is sure to pave the path to get you going and working on making your life dreams a reality. Excuses will always be there, but it is up to you to maneuver around them!

Get ready to be motivated and inspired in the realest way with the hosts of Real Talk 2.0.

Join them for their first live event giving inspiration and motivation for a full hour!

The presentation is sure to get you pumped up, motivated and ready to take the big step towards living the life you were created to live! Life is what we make it, not what is presented!

This page will be the landing point for motivational content as well as speaking engagements coming up in the near future!

If you would like to have us come and speak with your group or organization please contact us here

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