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 Real Talk started out in Albany NY. Simple concept, have people sit down in front of a camera and talk about the given subject! No rehearsal, no cheat sheet, just real talk and emotions. Real Talk launched on YouTube October of 2012...

It was my first time creating any type of a show and the excitement was Definitely there! But I found myself going through a very stressful life event and moved out of the area just a couple of months later. With so much on my plate and a whole lot of stress in my life at the time? The show became a forgotten memory.

I continued to work on my photography business until I met my not only co-host but soulmate Latif... She showed great interest in the project and we worked together over the following years to get it tweaked and running!

Latif Whitaker the co-host of real talk 2.0 is a woman who wears many hats outside of co-hosting the show. She is a mother, an entrepreneur of a natural makeup line and a substitute teacher as well.

Latif loves co-hosting real talk 2.0 because it allows her to voice her opinion on the topics that need to be discussed. 

She was a part of a theatre group where she was an actress and writer. If she had to pick a passion it would definitely be living and leading a healthy natural lifestyle. As co-host of the show the one thing she hopes her listeners get out of real talk 2.0 is that everyone is different and everyone's opinions should count because after all, that is what makes the world go round.

with water (Medium)

Father, Photographer, Published Author, Motivational Speaker and I guess now... Talk Show Host!

I have been a creative for as long as I can remember and most of my life is loosely based on checking things off of my bucket list.

Real Talk 2.0 whether it be Monday edition or the Amazon Prime show has been one hell of a ride and it could not have been done without the help and support of my partner Latif.

One thing I have definitely found is that every skill I have picked up through the years has led us to this point and with that said? Who am I to question the universe?

We hope to take this beloved project to the next level constantly and consistently, but most importantly we hope to not only bring entertainment but value to  peoples lives when they tune into Real Talk 2.0! 

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